NFL,DEA,AP – Graphic Pictating NFL player Pain Tolerence

Over the last week or so the NFL government teamed up with the DEA to give “random” drug tests to teams around the NFL. Let me start first by saying that these tests were far from random. It has been a long known fact that team staffs in the NFL distribute shots of drugs such as Toradol to players before during and after games to help them with their pain threshold while playing in a high contact sport. These shots are far from Limited to the NFL. Although the Medical Staffs of the NFL are usually the main suspects, I assume this happens at collegiate levels too. So why the need to attack specific NFL teams you ask? There are a few different reasons i can think of. The first and Probably the least obvious of these is, the Horrible publicity the NFL has gotten this year with cases of domestic assault and other forms of Violations the have occurred through the National Football League. Not just the number of suspensions but the lengths and the harsh punishments dealt out. This does not include the Teams personal options to sit players without the NFL having to act on its own. Such as Adrian Peterson who did not violate any policy according to the NFL rule book and is not listed on the List of suspensions given out this year… because the Vikings chose to sit him. – Collum by posted september Second Listing number of suspensions earlier in the Year.

So the Need for the NFL to feel good about itself is by far the first thing that comes to my mind when this “random” drug tests are distributed.

The Second one of course is the entities power struggle that continues to be conflicting in a lot of the league cases in recent years. Alot of the suspensions that the NFL gives out are for Substance Abuse (smoking Marijuana). In which this violation holds the same punishment as a player who tests positive for PED (steroids). A lot of the suspensions and violation punishes menus do not add up which is why I’m sure the suspended Adrian Peterson Today for At Least The Remainder of the season. The NFL needs to go over their violation rule book and rewrite lot of it. I see some changes coming next season this season is just the start.


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