Kobe, The Current NBA Era, Key Predictions

“Its Like the wedding of a child to someone you do not approve of” –  Source From Espn article Published October 20th 2014

That comment has the laker gods laughing their asses off while staring down at the staples center. It probably also has Jim bus rolling over in his grave. To think this person considers themselves a father to the lakers is insane! If Kobe is getting married, his body of work justifies a marriage on and off the court. Kobe is the epitome of every married man when using it in this context in fact. 18 seasons, he has kept those “showtime” lights-vibrant. ALIVE. Half of Kobes life has been dedicated to making sure in the good times he is the man of your dreams, and in the bad times you know he will do everything in his power to make things better. Which is a testament in itself when few players have played or been with a team for as many seasons as Bryant has. One of my favorite times in his career was right after the shaq era. Not because i was happy shaq left, or because we got to watch Kobe stack number on a team where there weren’t many numbers to stack. It was purely the aspect of knowing that this future Hall of Famer had given enough to the Lakers and Los Angeles to be able to shake hands and respectfully walk away immediately and chase a ring. Even an offer from alluring Dallas Mavericks after Kobe could no longer take the heat of those lights and asked for a trade did we really see what that post shaq era had done to Bryant. It had created a bond between, Owner, General Manager, Coach and Player we had never see in the history of sports. You see if that deal was a wedding, THere was no disapproval from anyone there during the hardest of time and still around when he produced two more championships for Los Angeles that would have disagreed in this holiest of matrimony. Now anyone who mattered at least. At that turning point in his career those three men saw kobe as everyone else did. A Great star and one of the best ever, but also they saw the loyalty Kobe Possessed and the love and dedication he had to the team he had help build the past 18 seasons. In their eyes you couldnt have picked a better canidate. The lakers are a team of legacy. Jim has passes away, Phil Jackson has moved on, only two of the four remain. Player and General Manager the same General Manager who colaberated with Jim Buss on the Bryant extension. The Lakers are a Family, and a Bussiness. Not a Family Business. When you stick around knowing your making this business alot of money, any business should have felt Kobes contract was well deserved just look at huge contracts given to players who havent produced a ring at all. Adding the Family aspect just mad it without a doubt in Buss and Mitch’s mind that it was the right thing to do. No body of work constituted the second highest paid player in a season then kobe Bryant.


All of this being said i have a problem with the new era of basketball. Or the direction the NBA looks to be going. Between lack of appreciation to Veterans who have paved the way, to players holding out and getting max contracts for a body of work that is built off of scoring 25 points a game, getting to the second round of the playoffs every year and loosing, making the all star team and feeling they deserve a contract worth 20 million plus per year. The fouls being called or not being called just within the first week of basketball have been absolutely ridiculous, including a technical for kobe mouthing off to howard after howard elbowed him, clearly a flagrant 2 but was punished the same. If reviews don’t start happening the league will face the same problems the NFL did with referees that still have us wondering how the Seahawks Beat the Packers in that Game. Although it didn’t cost the lakers the game, it was a disrespectful gesture for the refs to do nothing. Still excited for it to snowball and have refs controlling the outcome of games in key situations.

The Only Prediction i have is the Cavs will be very very hard to stop, period. Lebron has never had a point guard as god as Irving or a Big man as good as Love. Records will be broken inevitably. Buckle up, or dont, The Cavs are smooth Sailing.

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