A Prophetess on the Oxymoron Tour

Rene Brown is a talented female artist who’s taken her love for music and preforming and never looked back. Recently added to the Line Up of School Boy Q’s Oxymoron Tour I had time to get a couple questions out of her in between her busy schedule of Killing mics and cracking down on her education.

Q. Where are you from, How old are you, Where’d you grow up?

A. I’m from Jackson, Mississippi. I’m 24 years old. I grew up in Jackson, until I was 16.

Q. Who’s is you biggest musical influence, whether growing up or now?

A. My biggest musical influence is Tupac, Eminem, and Lauren Hill.

Q. You were in the army? How did you make the transition from solider to rapper?

A. I’ve always rapped since I was like 11, so that’s something that I never quite stopped doing. I just set it aside while I was in the military. I started to record when I was in Afghanistan. By the time I made it him I knew that’s what I needed to be doing. So I got out and came to LA. It was weird as shit but I love civilian life so it wasn’t too hard of a transition.

Q. You’d like to be considered a great rapper not a great “female” rapper. Have u had to deal with people shooting you down, or a bias because you were are a female?

A. No not at all. If anything, I think people show me extra love because I am a female and they don’t expect what they hear.

Q. Besides rap music do you listen to any other genre of music? Any secret favorite country or rock artist?

A. Yes, I actually love country music. I grew up on it.

Q. Is there a mix tape or album in the near future we can expect from Rene Brown? Any features or people we can expect to be on project?

A. “The Inaguration” will be coming this summer. I have and will be dropping a track every month up until its release. You can stay up to date at www.renebrownmusic.com

I’d like to thank Rene for taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk to me. At this point it is safe to say being a female hasn’t hindered her in a world of majority male counterparts. Always will have love coming from the Midwest and I’m Looking forward to her live performance with the Oxymoron tour on 4/20 in Minneapolis Minnesota. Follow her on twitter @ReneBrownMusic. For updates and new projects.


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