Texans, Cleveland, Vikings? Johnny Football?

It’s not really a question of whether or not Johnny Manziel is one of the Top 10 picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. The question is, rather, which team is going to take a chance on the 6’1 sub 200 pound Heisman Trophy winner out of Texas A&M known as, “Johnny Football.”
Playing only two seasons at A&M, Manziel accumulated just over 7,800 passing yards and completed around 69 percent of his passes. Maziel threw for 63 touchdowns through the air, which isn’t bad — not at all. He has the ability to create if a play breaks down, using his legs, and the 2,169 yards gained on the ground as an Aggie going for an average of 6.9 yards per attempt where he picked up a staggering 30 touchdowns. The kid is the real deal, undersized or not, especially in the New Era of the NFL today we are seeing that size is less of a question. Hes coming out of college more polished than a Russell wilson and a far better knowledge of the Game.
So why wouldnt he be an automatic number one pick? He gets to stay in Texas with the Texans where his brand is already solidified and his fans love him.
The question is would the Texans be willing to look deeper into the draft for a quarterback. The QB draft class this year isn’t anything spectacular, although manziel is the leading running he isn’t a prototypical Nfl QB, which leaves a lot of people seconding guessing his first pick Caliber. Along with Clowney the Defensive end out of South Carolina being a sure favorite as the best player in college football. Clowney although he wouldn’t impact the offense directly, would be playing opposite of J.J. Watt which could easily become the next best End combo in the Nfl. (Think Mathis and Freeney in their prime for the colts). Not to mention he adds to the stellar Linebacker combo of Brian Cushing and Darryl Sharpton giving one of the best defenses inside the box.
Taking the Manziel Route doesn’t Guarantee Much, Except the Points in which the Houston Texans 17 point average was the worst in the NFL. Putting all the blame on Schaub would be an easy Task, only throwing for 10 touchdowns to go along with his 14 interceptions is abysmal, but completing 61% of his passes leaves a lot to be questioned about the offensive-line. Shaub was sacked 42 times this season and was hit 113 which lead the league. Manziels would add the maneuverability in and outside of the pocket to escape some of these hits but in recent history Qbs that use their legs to get out of dodge often end up getting hurt. Bringing Manziel would be the Texans best bet in the Long Run. Marketability, Talent, Leadership, Manziel has it all, but only if the Texans are willing to go out and pursue Offensive Linemen in free agency and in the Draft to protect him.
My own personal Opinion would be to go with Clowney and keep Beefing up that defense, There has been an abundance of Late First and Middle round Passers that have been productive in the NFL. Honestly thats all the Texans Need is a productive QB. A game Manager and an Offensive line to get the Ball in to All Star Andre Johnsons hands.
If the Texans don’t take Manziel with the first pick many assume that he slides down to Clevland which i see highly likely also.
Another Less likely possibility that could happen as desperate as times are in Minnesota, the Vikings Trading their 8th Pick for the Texans 1st along with some other pieces or draft picks in order toget Manziel. It has been awhile since they have made any real splash that has made news outside of Minneapolis (Adrian Peterson). This would still Give the Houston Texans Like i said the ability to Get a piece from Minnesota and use that 8th pick to draft either Greg Robinson, OT out of Auburn or possible Manziel’s teammate OT, Jake Mathews.
This draft is going to have a group of QBs go in the first round regardless. Just because there’s such a need in the NFL. Alot of teams will be upset come the end of the 2015 season for paying first round money to their QBs that if it were another year they wouldn’t even be considered top 20. Take the Seahawk Approach NFL teams Russell Wilson was Paid sub 700k a year and won a superbowl. Spending Big money for a QB doesn’t always work out.


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