Is there such a thing? Being born to fulfill a set of tasks which ripple effects are unknown to you. Did you pressing your snooze button on your alarm, off set the “plan” in which you would have lost your life on the commute to work? Was that smile all it really took to keep the stranger passing by on the street to not take their own life? Was the choice you made to pursue you dreams purposeful in the “plan” so that you might prosper? Or that someone would be inspired to follow their own? Was the positive day of another a reaction of your kindness? Possibly even a reaction of sadness? Were you meant to meet that person today? Or should it have been yesterday and the initial conversation is lost forever? Could you have met them 1 year ago but having so would have lead to nothing but a hi and bye? Was your parent supposed to die? What would be different if they were alive 1 more day? If you never dated that ex you despise would you be better at trusting? At loving? Or was your ex the reason why you’ve found love now? Does me typing this ripple from things I’ve seen others say? Or is this rock dropping into the water? Yes.


5 thoughts on “Purpose

      • Germanic origin, Howard is my middle name and it’s derived from Huard, which is a combination derived from “spirit, brave, strong” there’s also an owl named “the old huard” and owls are wise. So “The Huard” can be perceived as The strong, brave ect ect

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