Mike Melinoe And The OG Tribe

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At the end of 2013 I stumbled upon a group of young Artists called Organic Geniuses. After extensively listening to their music at the turn of the New year I spoke with one of the Members Rakeem Miles. He gave me an insight to his new Mixtape “Depression” and gave me exclusive info on members and what it really takes being an upcoming artist in a talented group of people in the rap industry. As of recent I have been communicating with other members of Organic Genius, specifically Mike Melinoe who released a Music Video “Starving Marvin“. As a lyricist who is talented in using word play it was even more fun having him answer some personal questions for me.


Q. So Mike Melinoe. That’s your Real name? Who is Henry Ol’Skool? Why and how did you come up with that name?

A. Mike Melinoe is my inner God cultural ally along with Henry Ol’Skool multiple characters or personas I’ve created as well as notified from soul searching. I actually was discussing with my cousin, which is Pat Streater, a producer of mine about myself and life stating that we all have demons and angels in mind, but many don’t showcase or even bring to existence so I figured I would. Michael D’Mario Whitsett is my birth name but Melinoe comes from Greek mythology philosophies meaning several definitions but I took it as “the bringer of nightmares and madness” also Melinoe was a Goddess an I was mostly raised and protected all my life by my mother. 

Q. Youre 17 right? The youngest of the group?


A. No I’m actually 21 turning 22 March 12th. The youngest in Organic Geniuses would have to be the young London Lord Tino Apex, I’m about the third oldest in OG Avant Garde/Argyle Cozbee and Ca$h Jay is older than me.

Q. How did you start rapping? What influenced you to try to make something more out of it then just a hobby, which is the “Cool thing” to do now and days? What separates you from the rest of the people doing this rap thing because its so easy to put together music in a basement?

A. The age I started writing music or even attempted was the age 9-10, it wasn’t really a huge start for me more like on and off but my pop is a pianist and mom is ideally creative so I have a wide variety of creativity and music that was around me as a child and growing up. I always thought it was brilliant to first do what you loved in life rather than waste time being someone’s robot in a box on a cycle. I wanted to express my life especially and creativity threw many ways but music was one that stuck with me. 

Q. I’ve been wondering is how Organic Genius is spread out across the United states and even over seas and how did you all come together to make the group?

A. OG was first just a thought by me speaking with one of my coworkers at my café job then late that year I met with Rakeem threw the internet. We wanted to build something that wasn’t already active in today’s society or even the culture as frequent. We wanted to spread to the creative minds all over by the use of the net. Then we met up with each other then formed a more in depth brotherhood leading to London. We chat so much we are closer than some average buddies from the same cities. OG is about knowing and learning about the next city or state life threw their creative mind allowing OG to be as elite as we are. Such rare movement.

Q. Can you freestyle or do you like writing more? If someone asks you to spit off the top off dome how do you feel about it?


A. I can freestyle but I use to hate it about a year ago but traveling with OG it just became a habit to us for fun now. Writing is where I personally agree that most creativity and longevity is thought out. But it depends if I’ll spit for anyone because I don’t have to, I feel that I’m comfortable with freestyling but realistically I’m not forced to abide by that order. In interviews and radio sit ins maybe, haa. 

Q. Have you heard the critics say you guys are just another ODD Future? What do you even say to those people? Do you listen  to their music?

A. Man Fuck what people say about any collective coming to existence with a creative background which can easily be in discussion with Odd Future due to the fact it hasn’t been a very effective collective out in the pass ten years. Speaking for Organic Geniuses we don’t care what anyone on this earth have to criticize us with or by a judgement that wasn’t thought out patiently then released as an opinion. We will conquer and be the best and evolve dramatically. Also as young creators we have to learn more daily as business men and creative artists to project an incredible movement and develop more about us to deliver to the world for years to come.  OG. 

Q. Starving Marvin shows off you lyrical talent, you said you have a new album coming up? Is there a title already or a possible release date we can expect? I assume all the guys from OG will be featuring anyone outside of OG?

A. “Starving Marvin” was a nice record to throw a the people for a statement with word play and “BARS”. My new album “PropeR ElementS LP” will be in multiple stories and more of an adventure scene, compared to any other project I’ve released. If anything giving the world more of me as I grow into a legend and iconic person staying humble but most importantly displaying an elated passion and mindset for my morals in this life. Release date is confirmed June 17th first release late March early April. Far as features from OG it won’t be hardly anyone verse wise because we all have an understanding that we don’t need an album with MIKE MELINOE on it with OG features not allowing Mike to be creative. This is a brotherhood as well as a artistic collective with very much value to this industry. We all work we have features together but it’s always timing and proper promotion. No need to waste great product. 

Q. Any last words or something you want to leave your fans with? 

A. To those who read this I only ask and also will like to commend you all for being supportive of OG and giving us a listen from the first or fifth glance. OG Tribe will elevate music and this culture. YoAstrum album is releasing March 13t “Alchemy In Heaven” then mine in June. Keep the positive energy and phenomenal vibes flowing daily Killas. OG. Fuck The REST. 

Id like to thank Mike Melinoe and The OG family for continuing to let me follow their progress as artists. Also watching their projects come out each one impressing me more then the last has kept my IPod Pretty Full. For Mike Melinoe as long as other Organic Genius Music these links should lead you into more then enough music to satisfy your creative taste buds.

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