Geniuses of the Underground

The Industry is always in search of the next, “Big Thing,” especially when it comes to Hip-Hop. Recently, a group of artists stood together and created a collection of different sounds, all of which are contained within a single beast. (ex. TDE,ASAP MOB, OFWGKTA).

Organic Geniuses is made up a group featuring Rakeem(20), Matt Granpap(18), Tino Apex(17), Mike Melinoe(21), YoAstrum (20), Avant Garde (23), and CashJay(22). They come from the Midwest, East Coast, and all the way out to the UK. Support for the group is everywhere, and it’s spreading like wild fire — OG is collecting fans from all over the world.
Together, this collection of seven unique styles is what makes Organic Geniuses (OG) the next, “Big Thing.”
Rakeem, one of the seven artists involved with OG, was dope enough to drop by and answer a few questions about the group’s newest, hottest, freshest mixtape — Depression Here’s what he had to say.

Q: Who is RakeemMiles? And how did The OG Tribe start?

A: Rakeem Miles is a unique legendary human being who teams up with Madvillain and kicks the superheros asses.

Q: What kind of artists did you grow up listening too?

A: I grew up listening to R Kelly, Jamie Foxx, Britney Spears, MF doom, and Nas just a wide variety man.

Q: In your most recent work, Depression why did you choose the title and what do you hope fans can take away from the mixtape?

A: Well I’m depressed most of the time, so it was a great fit to show the emotion and state of mind I was in while writing the tape. I want fans to understand theres hope even though life is f***ed up at times. There’s always something good coming your way just wait, and the people that have gone through what I have been through that can relate, I feel them and I want to open up to them and let them know things will get better. I hope everyone who listens to my music can learn from mistakes that I have done in the past that I explain on tracks, and just understand they aren’t alone we all go through something in life even the rich kids, they probably missed soccer practice one day or didn’t get that high score on pac man. You know that can be the struggle cause that games hard as f***, but anyways yea man we all go through shit, we just have to stay positive and try to get through whatever it is we are going through.

Q: Who would you compare your style too?

A: I would compare it to Rakeem Miles, because hes dope and I stole his style.

Q: Who are your personal favorite rappers out right now? who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

A: Rakeem Miles, MF Doom, MF Grimm, Bishop Gold, and Organic Geniuses.

Q: Will you be doing any shows or touring anytime soon?

A: Yes Feb 20 Organic Geniuses tours with the best hip-hop movement out there Curators Of Hip-hop.

Q: Is there any upcoming Mixtapes being dropped by other OG members?

A: Yea YoAstrum is dropping something in Feb, and Matt Granpaps ugly ass is dropping something in March, and guess what? Me and Mike Melinoe have the same birthday, he’s cool he wears Nike boots with leather pants all the time.

These aren’t some sketchy gimmick rappers, this is the real deal — Rakeem and the rest of Organic Genuines are here to make some music. Good music. Considering they took the time to answer some questions of mine, you should make it a point to check out their new mixtape — Depression.
I’d like to again thank Rakeem for the time. Expecting big things in 2014 from the OG Tribe.


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