What’s different?

Drakes Nothing was the same dropped this morning September 24. After waiting in anticipation for this album for months, actually since take care dropped. This album doesn’t disappoint. From the singles released (Started From The Bottom, Hold on We’re going Home, All me) that people claimed got over played but secretly knew all the words to. To some of my personal favorites (Tuscan leather, 305 to my city, wu-tang forever) He captures the things we love about his music, the fine grey line of songs for the fellas and the ladies too while having a complete album. Although everyone makes the jokes about him being an emotional rapper, the growth and maturity behind This album is noticeable. “Drake featuring Drake” as he calls it lives up to the saying, but one song stands out more then any other that one being Jay-Z on Pound cake/Paris Morton 2. To be honest If you’re a Drake fan, this gives you a little bit of everything from all his previous music. I would be going out on a limb saying he could possibly win rap album of the year again. It wouldn’t be that far out on a limb, usually you listen to his albums in stages and favorite songs change. Personally I’m trying to finish this post so I can go listen the album. Best 14$ I have spent in a long time especially when it comes to music. As a personal fan, Drake did his job. That is to bring chart topping music and and an album you can listen to from start to finish.


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