UFC 168 Preivew

All that’s on my Christmas wish list? Tickets to the MGM Grand December 28.

Weidman VS Silva 2

The Hype around this fight will be the biggest of Anderson Silvas career. Probably more so then any fight that could have possibly been scheduled had Weidman not finished their first encounter in style. I mean to say “you saw it coming” would be disrespecting the best pound for pound fighter to step foot in the octagon. On the other hand, if Weidman proves that the cocky air headed tactics of the Spider had nothing to do with the TKO we could be talking about a new STAR poster boy for Dana white. Weidman is still undefeated and I’m sure if Silva wins by a close fight or decision, there will be a 3rd and final fight, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. This fight won’t be anything less then a classic. Personally I think Silva got caught with his head in the clouds, anyone can beat anyone in the UFC, especially when you come in dancing the way Silva does. That is what makes the sports growth In the last decade remarkable.

Silva by knockout. Hoping in the 1st round to shut critics up, but I’d settle for 2nd or 3rd. This time Anderson plans on keeping his mouth shut and let his fists do the talking. DECEMBER 28th mark your calendars and buckle up.


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